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Why PYRGOS CONGRESS for Public Relations and lobbying

Because the people handling your affairs are professionals who have the know-how and many years of experience.
Because we offer programmes to the best European standards.
Because we have a reputation for reliability, credibility, integrity and professionalism in what we do
Because we know how to produce pr programmes that target the right publics with the right message at the right time.
Because we strongly support preventative public relations and lobbying. Foreseeing problems and taking action to avoid them is best for our clients and for society as a whole.

Why Pyrgos Congress for Conference organizing


Because we have proved that we organise perfectly organised conferences
Because we can meet all the general and special conference needs
Because we have Professional Congress Organisers and personnel with know how and long, multidisciplinary experience in the organisation of conferences exhibitions and other events
Because our team includes specialists who can cover the whole spectrum of conference activities
Because we have the appropriate technology and computer programmes for the compilation and study of all data relevant to the progress of the conference
Because we are well known for our responsible approach, our professionalism, our integrity as to our relations with our collaborators and our clients
Because we work closely together with the Organising and the Scientific Committee, we implement the pre-decided strategic programme and we keep rigorously the time schedule.
Because we work closely with a network in European and other countries in order to assist effectively our clients with their organisational  activities
Because our connections in Europe and our participation in training seminars on issues of latest development on conference organising allow us to enrich our programmes and to offer creative solutions to our clients
Because we have the know how and the ability to approach every conference in the appropriate way
Because our services to our clients do not stop with the completion of each task. We continue to inform our clients on relevant issues if they wish
Because we believe in taking preventive measures in order to avoid crisis


Why a Professional Congress Organiser

Because International Organisations demand Professional Congress Organiser (PCO)
Because it helps you offer quality services to demanding participants
Because it helps you set high objectives for a successful conference
Because it helps you save money
Because the PCO has the knowhow, the experience, the technical equipment, the human resources and the appropriate networks
Because it helps you organise perfect events and conferences and nothing is left to the chance
Because it helps you increase the participation
Because it helps you solve the rigid regulations in the case of governmental conference
Because it relieves you from the time consuming procedure of organisation and coordination of conferences
Because it ensures the continuation of each event through information



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