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Our Aims

To offer a comprehensive communication campaign and conference package which include strategic planning, implementation of the strategic planning, general management of the public relations and lobbying campaign or conference, supervising of the tasks needed to be done at the various stages of the organisation, travelling arrangements, accommodation and promotional activities
To ensure the smooth running, even of the most demanding public relations and lobbying campaign or conference with professionalism and always in close cooperation with the client
To undertake the responsibility of the organisation of the public relations and lobbying campaign or conference in such a way that it meets the high expectations of the clients as to the general organisation, the scientific part, the social events, the number of participants and the professional code of behaviour
To promote the conference through all the appropriate for each event media that is, public relations and lobbying, advertising and other, in order to increase the number of participants, the prestige of the conference and the sponsorships
To keep the expenses of the public relations and lobbying campaign or conference as low as possible and in the case of conferences to increase the income through higher number of participants and sponsorships from the public and private sectors as well as from international organisations
To remain the awarded Professional Conference and Event Organisers and to help our clients to achieve their aims through the high standards of services that we provide


To Achieve Our Aims

We use our experience and know how so that we can organise every part of a public relations and lobbying campaign, conference or event in the most professional, responsible and cost effective way
We relieve our clients from the time consuming procedure of the planning, supervising and organising so that they can focus on other manegerial and scientific work
We inform our clients regularly and without taking much of their time, on the course of the organisation
We fulfil the general and special public relations, lobbying conference requirements according to the wishes of our clients and at the same time we use the experience, know how and professionalism of our team in order to reach the best results


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